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Common Clippings Data for Firefox and Thunderbird

This feature allows your clippings to be created, accessed and modified from both Firefox and Thunderbird. That means that a clipping created in Firefox will be visible in Thunderbird; a clipping created in Firefox that is modified in Thunderbird will be updated in Firefox, too; etc.

This feature is enabled by default for users who have never had Clippings installed in Firefox and Thunderbird. If you are upgrading from a previous version of Clippings to version 3.0 or greater, you can choose to keep your clippings separate in Firefox and Thunderbird, or you can enable common clippings by starting the Common Clippings Wizard (Clippings Manager, Options → Common Clippings) and following the on-screen instructions. The Common Clippings Wizard must be run from both Firefox and Thunderbird.

Where Is My Clippings Data Stored?

If this feature is enabled, your clippings data is stored in your home folder in a file named clipdat2.rdf. On Windows 2000 and XP, this would be located at C:\Documents and Settings\username, and on Linux and Mac OS X, the location is ~/username.

Portable Firefox/Thunderbird Users

The common clippings feature requires that the clippings data be stored in the user's home folder on the computer so that the clippings data is accessible to both Firefox and Thunderbird. This requirement poses a privacy risk to users who would typically be running Portable Firefox or Thunderbird from a portable device (such as a USB flash drive) on public computers. For this reason, the common clippings feature is disabled in the special Portable Edition of Clippings for Portable Firefox/Thunderbird. This ensures that your Clippings data stays in your portable media.

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