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Placeholders in Clippings

You can define placeholders inside a clipping that you will be prompted to fill in when you paste the clipping.

Placeholders are essentially variables that appear in the clipping text in the format $[variable_name]. Valid variable names can contain letters (lowercase or uppercase), digits (0-9) and underscores. Example clipping with placeholders:

Hello, $[YourName], I'm glad you're coming to the club meeting at $[meeting_time]. See you $[2nite]!

When you paste a clipping with placeholders, you will be prompted to fill in the value for each placeholder in the clipping. If you want the placeholders in the clipping pasted exactly as they are, with no prompting and substitution, the clipping name should be prefixed with [NOSUBST].

Auto-incrementing Placeholders

New in Clippings 4.0

Auto-incrementing placeholders are special placeholders that you will be prompted for once to enter a starting numeric value. Afterwards, every time the clipping containing this placeholder is pasted, the placeholder will be automatically substituted with a value that is incremented from the last paste. Auto-incrementing placeholder names are in the format #[variable_name].

Resetting an auto-incrementing placeholder will cause the prompt for the initial placeholder value to reappear the next time you paste the clipping containing this placeholder. To reset an auto-incrementing placeholder, right-click on the Clippings icon, then select Reset Auto-incrementing Placeholder, then click on the name of the auto-incrementing placeholder.

Predefined Placeholders

There are six predefined placeholders you can use in your clippings. These predefined placeholders will be automatically substituted with their expected values, as described below, when you paste the clipping.

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